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Slugs 'won't go near' your garden with clever £5 hack that can achieved in minutes

Slugs can be a menace for gardeners to deal with as the slimy pests can munch on plants overnight and cause unsightly damage.

Common across UK gardens, slugs thrive in the region’s damp, mild climate.

While some species contribute positively by feeding on decomposing organic matter, such as dead leaves, others pose a significant threat to the beautiful blooms that gardeners strive to cultivate.

However, there is good news for those battling these persistent pests.

There are methods can effectively deter slugs from your garden, including one particularly ingenious solution has been shared by TikToker, @bilgemehmet23.

The channel, known for its practical gardening tips and tricks, recently highlighted a tried-and-tested method to banish slugs, courtesy of keen gardener Sam.

In a recent video, Sam addressed a common query from his followers: how to keep slugs from wreaking havoc in the garden. His solution involves a simple, two-item method that has proven highly effective.

Sam began by cutting the bottom out of a plastic plant pot, allowing the roots to access the soil. He then applied petroleum jelly, or Vaseline, around the edge of the pot and sprinkles salt along the jelly-coated surface.

The keen gardener advises using the cheapest salt available for this method.

His wife, Billie, affirmed its effectiveness: “This actually works, guys. If we don’t put it on there, by the morning, we’ve got a slug problem again. They just don’t go near it.”

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In the video, Sam demonstrates burying the pot with its edges protruding to protect the plant, ensuring that slugs steer clear.

“So this will protect my plant, and I’ll be able to water it individually as well,” he explained.

“People laugh at me, but really, I’ve had a slug problem before, so I just thought, let’s try it. And it’s worked for us.”

Dr. Gordon Port, a senior lecturer at Newcastle University, explained to BBC Science Focus that salt kills slugs through an osmosis effect, drawing water out of their skin and causing them to die from dehydration within minutes.

Common table salt is readily available at supermarkets, with a 750g pack of Saxa Table Salt costing just £1.70 on Amazon.

Similarly, a 250g tub of Nuage Everyday Essential Petroleum Jelly is priced at £3.45, meaning the entire solution costs no more than £5.15 and should last a long time.


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