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Slugs and snails will stay away from plants thanks to £2 product they find 'unpleasant'

Among the words of advice from several people, there was one person who recommended using “wool pellets”, which will also avoid killing the garden creatures.

Meanwhile, another person agreed: “I also use these and have found them very effective, my cats don’t go near them either which is a bonus.”

User Green Gardener explained that slugs and snails are deterred by the texture of wool fibres, finding them “very unpleasant” to traverse and thus swiftly avoiding them.

The gardening fan also noted that the wool pellets serve as a beneficial mulch for plants, diminishing moisture loss and inhibiting weed growth.

And while they decompose, the wool pellets release nutrients into the soil, providing nourishment for the plants.

The Green Gardener suggested distributing the pellets around the base of the plants and watering them, prompting expansion.

Gardeners can purchase the product for £1.79 from The Range and Wilko stores, making it a great budget solution for those looking to save some money.

Another member of the group praised birds as the ultimate pest controllers, added: “I provide both table and ground feeding stations, encouraging birds to forage and roam throughout my garden.”


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