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Slot Volatility: All You Need to Know


No matter how many slot machines there are in all of the world’s casinos, they all have three distinct volatility levels. The likelihood of winning and the quantity of cash payouts on your wins for each slot machine are both affected by slot volatility.

This post will explore at the distinctions between the most frequent ones available in the casino to help you choose the ideal volatility for slots.

What is the definition of slot volatility?

The volatility of a slot represents the frequency with which it generates a win and the average amount of those winnings. This is distinct from the return on investment (RTI), which indicates how much a slot pays out on average. Let’s imagine you start with $100 and play in a low-volatility slot. You may expect regular winnings ranging from $1 to $10 if you deposit $5 bets at a time. You can play $1 spins 99 times and never win, then score a $300 prize on the 100th spin with a high volatility slot..

High Volatility Slots

Operators and judi online casino management choose high volatility slots because they generate the greatest action. Due to the extreme danger involved in these games, customers’ bankrolls have been depleted.

Payouts in these games can reach legendary proportions, perhaps eclipsing official lottery awards in some countries. Because of its high volatility, a handful of the most popular slot online may offer jackpots of up to $10 million.

It’s worth noting that progressive slots make up less than half of all high-volatility games. When you get a match during the base game, a wager multiplier of up to x4 might be triggered at random.

Medium Volatility slots

Medium-volatility slot online combine the best of both worlds by keeping the risk and payoff in the center of the scale. After an hour of action, you may expect a respectable proportion of winning spins. You should expect a fair return on your wagers if you use the medium variance rate.

It’s crucial to understand that medium volatile slots are divided into two categories. You may discover medium-low slots on the casino floor if you wish to win a high proportion of your bets with a tiny reward. Medium-high stakes slots boost the slot’s risk variables as well as the payouts on your gamble.

Low Volatility slots

Naturally, most people aren’t risk takers, so when given the option, they’ll opt for the lower-rewarding but lower-risk slots. Low volatility slots feature a low-risk component, which means you’ll probably win the majority of your spins within an hour of playing. In exchange, each win is likely to result in a modest return on your wagers.

Low-volatility slots have a smaller number of features than other games. This isn’t to say that all low-risk games don’t include bonus systems.


Just line in judi online casino, to choose the correct slot machine volatility, it helps to know what your objectives are. High volatility slots are for thrill seekers as well as those seeking large rewards despite the possibility of losing their whole bankroll.

Medium volatility slots are for those who wish to play slots while also expecting a reasonable return. Given the risk aspect, it takes some time before consumers spend all of their money on these titles, making them a good time killer for any tourist or visitor.

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