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Sky's new dish-less box could replace Sky Q but you can't buy one without ditching your TV


Just like Sky Glass and Sky Q, you’ll be able to use voice commands to find shows with certain actors, or films by a specific director. When watching Formula 1, you’ll be able to actively switch between the cameras fitted to the car to get the view of the race that you want. And content will be available in crisp Ultra HD.

Unlike the Sky Q mini boxes, which connect to the main set-top box to access recordings, the Stream Pucks connect to Wi-Fi and stream any series, movies, or sport fixtures you’ve decided to record (with Sky Glass, you don’t physically record to hard drive, you add items to a Playlist which lets you stream them whenever you want, including fast-forwarding through adverts, from Sky’s servers) from there. That means, in theory at least, these Pucks could work in a house without a main Sky Glass unit – something that’s not possible with the Q minis.

In conclusion, the Sky Stream Puck looks absolutely great.

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