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Sky's just made the Samsung Tab S9 cost pennies per day and it comes with free earphones

Weeks after Apple launched speedy new iPad Pro and iPad Air models, there’s another chance for tech fans to find an unmissable deal on a rival model – Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 9 FE.

It’s all thanks to a deal from Sky Mobile, which has caught the attention from shoppers in recent weeks for cutting the price of Apple’s now outdated 2022 iPad. Dropping the price to a much more affordable £11 per month, and now it’s available on Samsung’s newest FE tablet, as The Mirror pointed out.

Instead of paying £449 outright for the model at Samsung, Sky customers can bag the Tab S9 FE for £14 per month – splitting the cost over the contract that works out 46p a day across 30-days. 

It’s spread over a 48-month contract, making it easier to purchase the flagship 10.9-inch device without needing hundreds up front. Anyone opting for Samsung’s rival plan would be paying a steeper £21.63 a month.

With the £14 monthly price way to buy the model, there’s also a completely free accessory thrown in – one that’d get you a £74 gadget for free. Sky has added in a free pair of Galaxy Buds FE into the contract, that’ll be sent along with the tablet. 

Fitted with active noise-cancelling headphones it’s a massive bonus for tech-savvy users on the go, allowing them to work remotely with a swanky new screen and wireless accessory. If the contract doesn’t sound good to you though, retailers like Amazon seem to have a chunky stock of the Buds FE to buy on their own. 

However, there is a catch. As a tech team who covers the big name brands, shoppers should be aware of the extra costs. Choosing the contract will result in a higher price over time. Sky requires customers to commit to four years of £14 monthly payments on the 48-month contract, amounting to £672 – while it’s cheap price to pay monthly, the lowest option would be to buy it upfront.

Despite this elevated cost, it is still an expert-backed way to upgrade. This is because there’s no need for any upfront money, and the £14 payments are far less noticeable than a hefty £450 lump sum.

Sky isn’t the only retailer offering the FE Tab S9, as we’ve previously mentioned Samsung is also selling the device, along with Currys. Those not interested in Samsung or Apple might want to explore the features of Google’s Pixel 11 tablet or Lenovo Tab. 


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