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Sky Q drops to best ever price but there's bad news if you want Sky Glass


Yes, after weeks of waiting the Black Friday sales are finally here and now could be a very good time to sign up for Sky Q. The satellite TV firm has launched a money-saving offer which includes telly and broadband at its ‘best ever’ price with customers able to sign up today for just £32 per month. This Black Friday deal includes a Sky Q set-top box plus fast 59Mbps broadband and a landline.

Bundled with the package are over 200 free channels to tune in to with those signing up also getting all the brilliant features of the award-winning Sky Q box. This device allows you to record multiple shows at once and pause live TV. You can also find content using your voice and it features easy access to apps such Disney+, Prime Video and Netflix.

If that content doesn’t sound like enough for your needs then Sky is offering the chance to add another 150 channels including Sky Atlantic, Sky Max and MTV for an extra £10 per month.

The standard £32 price lasts for 18-months and there is a £24.95 set-up fee to pay.

If you don’t want TV or already have Sky then there are some other deals from the firm including a limited time offer on broadband which has now been dropped to £25 per month – saving £3. This deal features 59Mbps speeds and lasts for 18 months.

Sadly, there’s not such great news if want to take delivery of the new Glass TV.

This all-in-one television, which went on sale last month, isn’t currently discounted in the Black Friday sale so don’t expect to see any lower prices when heading to the pre-order page.

Even without a Black Friday price cut, you can still pick up Sky Glass from just £13 per month which sounds pretty good value.

If you haven’t heard of Sky Glass this new television allows you to watch Sky content without the need for a dish stuck to your walls. Everything is streamed via the web and a new Playlist feature allows you add your favourite shows and watch them whenever you fancy.

There’s also a soundbar built-in for an added audio boost plus there are three QLED screen sizes to choose from including 43, 55 and 65-inch.

If you want to know more about Sky Glass you can read our full review here.

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