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Sky broadband down: Essex and Suffolk customers unable to get online or make calls


Some Sky customers may find they are being left offline this afternoon with voice calls also affected by an outage. The communications and satellite TV firm has posted a message on Twitter which confirms that users in Essex & Suffolk could be hit by issues that mean no internet access or the ability to make or receive calls.

The message on social media reads: “Customers may not be able to get online or make/receive calls. You can keep up to date on the My Sky App.”

It’s unclear how many users have been hit by the glitch although DownDetector, which reveals outages across the world, isn’t currently showing a surge in reports.

There are a few mentions on Twitter with some customers clearly hit by this latest outage.

Posting a tweet, one Sky customer said: “I potentially have an issue with broadband, but currently do not have the time to call. It seems to keep cutting on and out. Is there a team I can get in contact with?”

The issue in Essex and Suffolk follows an earlier problem in Billingshurst & Southwater. That outage has now been fixed with Sky’s Helo service saying: “Customers will now be able to get online and make/receive calls. We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused.”



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