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Sister Wives’ Meri Brown says she ‘couldn’t be happier’ working for LulaRoe after documentary exposes ‘pyramid scheme’


SISTER Wives star Meri Brown said she “couldn’t be happier” working for LuLaRoe after the company was accused of scamming people.

Meri, 50, shared a gushing post about the fashion retailer alongside a photo of herself enjoying a woodsy outing.

Sister Wives star Meri Brown gushed about working for LuLaRoe in a new post
Meri seemed to be defiant as she said she was “proud” to work for the multi-level marketing company
Instagram / therealmeribrown

Meri gushed about the company after the release of a docuseries about the ‘scam’[/caption]

Meri seemed to be defiant as she said she was “proud” to work for the multi-level marketing company.

LuLaRoe was the subject of a recent documentary series called LuLaRich amid claims it is a “cult.”

Meri wrote in her Tuesday post: “Five years into my journey with @LuLaRoe and I couldn’t be happier.

“Five years of finding my happiness, serving others, making amazing friends across the country, and yes, even outside of the US.” she continued.

Meri said she often asks herself why she didn’t get involved with the company sooner but “There’s a reason things happen the way they do.”


She added, “I know in my heart that the timing for me to find LuLaRoe and get involved at the time I did was right for me, for my well-being, for my healing. And that’s what these past five years have done for me.

“Helped me heal, helped me find peace and joy, helped me discover the ME I have always been, and who I, at times, was hiding from and running from.”

Meri ended her note: “I’m loud and proud LuLaRoe. I’m grateful to have a company like this to be involved with, a company flooded with women and men who lift each other up, a company that wants to see me succeed, a company whose owners pray for each one of us daily, a company of integrity. I’m not going anywhere, LuLaRoe isn’t going anywhere, we’re here for the long haul, and happy about it! ?


Meri and fellow sister wife Christine Brown were ripped for scamming fans by working for LuLaRoe.

The backlash comes after a scathing documentary about the clothing company was released.

Over the years, Meri and Christine, 49, have given fans a look into their closets by promoting LuLaRoe on Instagram.

The Sister Wives Stars- who are both married to Kody Brown– regularly model clothes from the company and promote it by using hashtags.

Many people have expressed their dislike of the brand after a new Amazon docuseries, LuLaRich, offered fans a look into the company, as well as the people who work there. 


In the doc, a number of past sale reps came forward to reveal that the company left them in financial ruin when they were unable to sell merchandise they were forced to purchase.

While neither Meri nor Christine are mentioned in the doc, many Sister Wives fans now blame the TV stars for the company’s success.

While taking to Reddit, one fan admitted they don’t “sympathize” with the TV personalities being associated with the brand.

The Reddit user wrote: “It seems like they, especially Meri, are top earners which means they probably have significant downlines…it’s super exploitative and they’re just using their fame to sucker people into keeping them rich. They could have definitely funneled all of their fame into figuring out some sort of legitimate business instead.

“I was never a huge Meri fan to begin with, but watching that doc has really soured me on Christine.”


Another added: “They’re lying, scheming and taking advantage of other people. They’re awful.”

A third chimed in: “Meri just seems so desperate to belong to something and be someone, and that’s how LLR suckered her in.”

An additional Sister Wives fan commented: “Every bit about the Browns is playing for sympathy for cash. All of it.

“I’m surprised by how sincerely passionate people are about them and taken in their are by what are, to me, pretty manufactured storylines.”


Others slammed Meri for making herself a “victim” in the scandal, as one person wrote: “LuLaRoe was and is a great scam. Meri is always the victim.

“It has been said she is only trainer status, after more people watch this I think less people will buy that crap. Pushing desperate people to spend upfront thousands not a good Christian/Mormon thing to do. And they hawk that.”

Another agreed by simply writing: “Meri is always the victim.”

In addition to Meri and Christina, Kody, 52, is also married to Robyn, 42, and Janelle, 52.

Instagram / christine_brownsw

Meri and fellow sister wife Christine Brown were ripped for scamming fans by working for LuLaRoe[/caption]


Christine and Meri are married to Kody Brown along with Robyn, 42 and Janelle, 52[/caption]

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