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Single mum of eight on £500-a-week benefits admits she's 'addicted' to pregnancy


Marie Buchan, 39, raises her large brood on her own and says she doesn’t mind if people think she’s only having babies for money. The former lap dancer pockets £26,000 every year in benefits in total, according to reports, and concedes people may judge her as “lazy” and “useless”.

But Marie, from Selly Oak, Birmingham, says she is proud of her kids, and may have more children.

I am addicted to pregnancy, I’m addicted to birth and feeding, I’m addicted to that,” Marie said.

I think a lot of people do see me as trash really. Lazy, useless, just producing babies for money.”

When speaking about one of her children she said: “She’s a happy baby. That’s why I could very easily do it again.”

The admissions have resurfaced on footage on TikTok, said to have originally been part of a Channel 4 documentary called Only Human in 2016.

Coventry Live reports Marie’s children are now aged between six and 18, as she had her first when she was around 21.  

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