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Simple water hack that helps keep vegetables fresh 'three times as long' in fridge

We’ve all been there when you stock up on food, pack it away neatly, and much to your horror find your vegetables have begun to wilt or rot before you’ve had chance to use them.

It’s incredibly frustrating and feels like money down the drain, especially when those fruits and veggies can start to spoil just days after purchase.

In these tough times of soaring living costs, throwing away food is the last thing anyone wants. However, a small change in how you store your groceries could extend their shelf life by weeks.

Parenting influencer and TikTok user Lyssa Louise has become an online sensation, offering savvy tips for keeping fruits and vegetables fresh, helping households cut down on waste and save precious pennies, reports the Daily Record.

Amidst the financial squeeze, she posted a video with the caption: “I can’t believe how much my food shops have become lately with the cost of living increasing so here’s some tips I use to stop my fruit and veg going to waste.”

Her video has already racked up over 59.5k views from viewers eager to reduce their food waste and enjoy their greens for longer.

Lyssa reveals a straightforward trick to prolong the freshness of veggies for ‘up to three times as long’, requiring nothing more than a glass of water. The key step, she advises, is to remove all plastic packaging, which can accelerate spoilage.

For those looking to keep their veggies fresh and crisp, foodie Lyssa has a nifty trick: simply place root vegetables like lettuce or spring onions root-side down in a glass of water. This method, she claims, will keep them ‘crispy’ and delay rotting or wilting.

Spinach lovers can also rejoice as Lyssa advises lining a plate with paper towels, placing the spinach on top, and refrigerating it to keep the leaves from turning soggy. Mushrooms, too, benefit from being stored in a paper bag within the fridge for optimal freshness.

Berries, often quick to spoil, can be preserved longer by storing them in lidded glass jars in the refrigerator. No need for special purchases; repurposed jam, honey, or mustard jars work perfectly.

Lyssa’s video garnered appreciation in the comments section, where viewers shared their gratitude and additional tips to enhance her food-saving hacks.

One viewer exclaimed, “Such handy hacks! Saving this video for my next food shop day! “.

Lyssa responded, sharing the positive impact these methods have had on reducing her food waste and improving organization: “I found it’s made such a difference to how much I throw away. It also makes it easier to find things when they’re not in scrunched up bags.”

Another commenter recommended a tweak for the root vegetable tip: “For the root veg you need to empty and refill the water every day or 2 or it’ll go slimey.”


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