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Simple hack to stop water splash marks on bathroom tap that 'works so well'

Bathroom taps can become marred by splash marks, no matter how often you wipe them down.

But one mum has now shared a bathroom tap hack that “works so well” and makes them much easier to maintain.

With a following of over a million people on TikTok, @anna_louisa_at_home recently posted a video detailing some simple yet effective bathroom cleaning hacks you may not have come across before.

One of these is a preventative measure to stop your bathroom taps from being blighted with water marks, reports the Daily Record.

According to Anna, all you need to do is buff some candle wax into your tap, and the water will ‘run straight off it’ instead of sticking and leaving marks.

You can do this by taking any candle you have at hand – ideally a soy wax one that isn’t in a jar – and rubbing the waxy surface onto the tap before giving it a good buff with a cloth.

Additionally, Anna recommends applying shaving foam on your mirror to make cleaning the bathroom easier. It prevents it from fogging up after a hot bath or shower, meaning no annoying wipe downs of condensation afterwards.

Attaining a perpetually fresh-smelling bathroom is easy, according to Anna. She suggests adding a small amount of your favourite essential oil to cotton wool balls and placing them in the base of your waste bin.

Anna’s hacks have garnered praise among social media users, with many expressing their enthusiasm for testing them out, particularly the candle wax hack.

One convinced follower shared: “I need to try the wax,” with Anna responding: “It works so well.”

Another enthusiastic user wrote: “Wowww. Running to try these tips! ” while another echoed similar sentiment, commenting on the brilliance of the candle wax hack: “The candle wax is gold! “.

A fifth said: “Doing all of these right now.”


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