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'Significant savings’: EV owners could save £200 a month compared to petrol vehicles


“Investing in an EV is likely to cost more than a standard petrol or diesel car upfront. That said, the long-term savings motorists can enjoy through charging – compared to fuelling by petrol or diesel – are significant.

“There are three main locations where EV owners charge their cars – at home, using an off-street charging point or traditional three-pin plug; in public, using a parking space or street charger; or at a motorway service station, using a rapid-charger. 

“Monitoring RAC Foundation data, we can estimate that the average cost of filling up a petrol or diesel fuel tank is around £75; with the money we spend on filling up a tank (perhaps weekly), a family of four could buy a week’s worth of food.”

While the Tesla charging network is free for Tesla owners, and some car parks will offer free charging for the duration of your stay, other public charging points come with a fee.

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