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'Show compassion to your brother!' Piers Morgan slams Prince Harry over 'crass' Oprah chat


Piers Morgan blasted Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for not taking their own advice and showing “compassion” to Prince William. The couple released an International Women’s Day checklist urging others to be compassionate but Piers felt the timing of their interview with Oprah Winfrey was not in line with this message following the news Prince Philip had been transferred to St Bart’s hospital to undergo further tests. 

Piers began: “It’s crass beyond belief come on we all know it is. I bet CBS won’t move it whatever happens.

“In fact if something god forbid does happen with Prince Philip CBS will want to exploit it.”

“No,” Susanna interjected and Piers hit back: “Of course they will they’re an American network they’ll want to exploit it for ratings.

“The question is what’s Prince Harry going to do in that situation if the Duke takes a turn for the worse.

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“What’s he going to do? Is he going to allow his whining about what a tough life he’s had from his LA mansion to go out on prime time television.”

“I don’t think I would describe it as whining as you know,” Susanna remarked. 

Piers continued: “It will be fascinating to see how hard Oprah goes. Will she take the gloves off with them? And ask them some tough questions.”

“She said there were no areas out of bounds,” Susanna interjected. 

“Quitting your country, quitting your families both of them,” Piers said. “She’s disowned all her family apart from one, he’s disowned most of his. 

“At one point does the question have to be, you preach about compassion you two, you send out your little checklist for International Women’s Day.

“This is what this says this is the Archewell checklist, ‘This month unleash a ground swell of acts of compassion.’

“Why don’t you start with yourselves? Why don’t you Harry who’s never met your father-in-law, why don’t you get on a plane?”

“It’s not far now you live an hour away. Get on a plane to Mexico and go and see Thomas Markle. 

“See how he is, show him a bit of compassion but you’ve disowned him haven’t you?” Piers asked. 

“What about showing compassion to your brother? Because your brother went through the same thing you did. 

“I don’t see him giving endless interviews about it and saying how tough his life is.”

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