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'Shout at your wife for once' Council meeting descends into chaos like Jackie Weaver video


The Hull City Council meeting was posted online with members heard shouting “what a load of hot air” and “pay your council tax” as the nearly 20-strong member Zoom call swore and screamed over one another. Councillors were seen on video reacting either shocked, disgusted or laughing at the farce that the meeting had succumbed to. While it is not yet clear from the video what was the cause of the outbursts the meeting concluded with many members shaking their head in disappointment with one saying “that’s some life I’ll never get back again”.

Local council meetings are typically open to the public but with COVID-19 restrictions many are now held over Zoom calls for people to attend. 

The issue has been raised with several local authorities that they should now be better monitored since their public reach is much larger than their local audiences. 

Hull City Council leader Stephen Brady spoke to journalist Rebecca Jayne about the call. 

Mr Brady said: “We don’t know what people are going to say until they stand up [and say it].

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“99 percent of the council meeting was done correctly, strong points made. 

“There are lots of different opinions that are voiced but we always do it with respect.

“There are individuals on all sides that have to look in the mirror and say did I act properly at that time.”

Mr Brady also urged those in the call to apologise for what they said if they need to. 

Many congratulated the calm-headed clerk who tried to settle down the meeting after several male councillors grew extremely angry towards her and each other. 

Ms Weaver went on to be interviewed by many media outlets and has recently released a dance track about the meeting to raise awareness of a lack of diversity among local representation. 

Another council meeting went viral when a councillor’s cat began to climb up his curtains and begun swearing at him, not realising he was not muted. 


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