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Shoppers are raving about Asda’s new 4-in-1 coat which can be short, long and even SLEEVELESS


SHOPPERS are raving about the amazingly versatile Asda ‘four-in-one’ coat – which can be long, short, and even sleeveless.

Fashion fan Charlotte shared a video demonstrating all the different ways the coat can be worn, and people are absolutely obsessed. 


Charlotte was obsessed with the coat – and so were her followers[/caption]


The long puffer jacket can be worn four different ways[/caption]

The veterinary nurse said: “Get yourself to Asda for the four in one coat.”

At first, we can see the coat is black, padded, and long enough to go past her knees.

In the next clip, however, we can see that the sleeves zip off, meaning it can be worn as a long sleeveless coat.

The bottom half of the coat is also detachable, so it can be worn as a cropped jacket as well, or sleeveless and short as a cropped body warmer.

Charlotte said she paid £55 for the coat and got it in a size medium. 

The clip racked up 1.5 million views and commenters couldn’t get enough of the super versatile item.

“Looks amazing on you”, said one viewer, while another wrote: “This is so cool.”

“I want this so bad”, added a third.

Many said the coat had become so popular that it had already sold out in their local stores.

“Out of stock!” one commenter wrote, with a line of crying emojis. 

Some, however, thought they’d inevitably lose parts of the coat, as so many pieces are detachable.

“Nice coat, I just know there will be a day I’ll rush out of the house and leave the sleeves behind”, said one commenter.


Shoppers love how it zips off to make a cropped puffer[/caption]

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