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'She’s a devil' David Tennant on co-star Olivia Colman's antics while filming Broadchurch


David Tennant, who starred alongside Olivia Colman in the ITV series Broadchurch, has spoken out about his co-star after the actress scooped her Oscar award in 2019. The Scottish-born actor addressed a behind the scenes moment with her ahead of Sunday’s Academy Awards, when she attempted to get him “drunk”.

The 50-year-old appeared as Detective Inspector Alec Hardy, a veteran police officer who had newly arrived in Broadchurch, while Oscar winner Olivia, 47, played Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller in the ITV drama.

Speaking in a new interview, the former Doctor Who actor revealed that while he was keen to get home after filming, his co-star preferred to have a celebration.

David said: “She’s a devil. On Broadchurch she was always trying to get us to go out and get drunk while I was always keen to get home early and make a cup of tea.

“I think it was because she found each situation so appalling that she’d genuinely be in floods of tears during scenes.”

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ITV’s compelling crime drama, set in the quaint Dorset town Broadchurch, investigated the murder of 11-year-old Danny Latimer.

The series focused on the impact of the murder on everyone from the pastor to the local newspaper and Danny’s grieving family.

While filming the series David confessed that Olivia couldn’t hold back the tears.

“She kept trying to stop, saying, ‘I shouldn’t be crying, I’m a police officer.’ But it came to represent the part so well,” he added to Radio Times.

Olivia scooped the Best Actress award for her role in The Favourite but has since revealed she has no recollection of her win.

She told Entertainment Tonight: “I can’t remember what I said.

“I only know because I’ve seen it played back now. I can’t remember what happened afterwards.”

Olivia added: “My husband said it was the best night of his life. And had it been the other way around, if I could have watched him, I understand.

“I would have loved that, and I would’ve remembered everything. But I’m afraid I still can’t quite believe it happened.”

The ceremony for the 93rd Academy Awards takes place this weekend in the US, and Sky Cinema will air the event in full on its sub-channel Sky Cinema Oscars, followed by a highlights reel on Sky One.

The ceremony will be held outdoors in a courtyard at downtown railway hub Union Station in Los Angeles.

You can read the full interview in this week’s Radio Times – out now.


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