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'She supported ISIS openly' Shamima Begum 'has no right' to be British citizen says author


Speaking to GB News author Ed Husain warned that bringing Ms Begum back to the UK would send a message that Britain is a “soft spot” for extremists looking to come back home after serving under the Islamic State and other terrorist groups. Mr Husain explained how the narrative of the Islamic State has not disappeared and is still prevalent in young groups and that such a move to bring Ms Begum back would be a step in the wrong direction.

Mr Husain said: “I think being a British citizen has rights and responsibilities.

“Yes you have the freedoms but you also have responsibilities that go with them and the first responsibility is to your fellow citizens and to your country.

“Yes she was 15, yes she was young, yes she was vulnerable – I buy all of that.”

But Mr Husain went on to point out that there are “serious allegations” that Ms Begum was involved in “multiple operations” against British and nationals while living under the Islamic State. 

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He explained: “She has supported ISIS openly and for all of those reasons bringing her back naively at this point would send a message that Britain is a soft spot.

“Not just for her but for tens of thousands of other people that share that mindset.

“Support for that caliphate still exists and for as long as that narrative is still alive, we will have more Shamima Begum’s.

“So Shamima Begum wants to come back here, we have not seen enough remorse for her actions or enough love displayed for this country and its people.”

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Shamima Begum joined Daesh in Syria aged 15 after leaving her Bethnal Green home in February 2015 alongside two friends.

She sprung to international attention following an interview with Sunday Times reporter Anthony Loyd who discovered her in a Syrian refugee camp in 2019.

In February 2019 the British government stripped her of her British citizenship, but in July 2020, the Court of Appeal ruled that Ms Begum should be permitted to return to the UK in order to fairly contest this decision by instructing lawyers properly.

However the ruling was appealed to the Supreme Court and on 26 February 2021 ruled unanimously against her, the ruling barred her from returning to the UK and kept her stripped of her British citizenship. 


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