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Shane Richie reveals surprising secret about I’m a Celeb stars’ meals in the camp


FORMER I’m A Celeb campmate Shane Richie has revealed the surprising secret about stars’ meals.

The 57-year-old says celebrities won’t eat until 4am most nights because of long filming hours.


Shane Richie revealed secrets on the breakfast show today[/caption]

He told Lorraine Kelly this morning: “We had no idea of time in there, because we knew that the show finished at around 10pm or 10:15pm so when Ant and Dec walked in, we knew it was live.

“In our head we were about 9:50pm so when you get asked to do the trial, and I did quite a few of the trials, and then you go off and do the trial and the trial would finish about 12:30 or one o’clock in the morning.

“Then you’d come back, wait around for about an hour, so about 2 or 2:30am, the food would arrive so you wouldn’t actually till about 3:30am or 4 o’clock in the morning.”

He added: “Mad innit? So I said to Adam [Woodyatt], ‘you’re going to constantly feel like you’ve got jet lag, so start getting used to going to bed about 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning’.”

Shane – who is best mates with Adam and appeared on the show last year – said his co-star is planning to break I’m A Celebrity rules by collecting nettles from around the castle to make tea.

The actor says he had to warn him off it because he knows the nettles have been covered in insecticide.

Shane admitted he tried the same trick last year – and nearly ended up poisoning himself.

Shane explained: “A few weeks ago we were chatting and he said to me ‘whats the shrubbery like?’, I said ‘why what have you got in mind’.

“He said ‘I’m thinking if I gather up as much nettles as I can, I can make a cup of tea’.

“I had to tell him when I went into the castle last year, I did exactly the same. I had this notion in my head because it was the first time in the castle.

“I was wandering around on my own picking up little plants looking for nettles, and I have this armful of nettles and I am about to walk into the castle and I got called to the Telegraph.

“They said ‘can you sit down, what are you doing?’ and I have all these nettles and was like ‘nothing, why?’. They said ‘no, really what are you doing?’ I said ‘I’m hoping to make a cup of tea. They said ‘put them back, they have all been sprayed with insecticide’.”

Shane Richie had to warn Adam off picking nettles

Adam has just entered the castle and had a plan for making tea[/caption]

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