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Shamed Matt Hancock ‘has not apologised’ to wife after secret affair with aide, leaving her ‘crushed’


MATT Hancock has been slammed for not being a “gentleman” after failing to apologise to his wife for cheating on her.

The Sun revealed that the disgraced former health secretary had been having an affair with his aid Gina Coladangelo.


Martha has been praised for staying strong after the affair was exposed[/caption]

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The Sun revealed Hancocks affair in June[/caption]


The couple ended their 15 year marriage over the illicit affair[/caption]

Hancock, 43, and millionaire lobbyist Gina, 42, were caught on camera in a steamy clinch at his Whitehall office.

The Conservative MP was forced to resign from his role as health secretary after his steamy affair came to light.

His wife Martha, 44, was pictured on holiday in Cornwall with her husband and their three children earlier this month.

But now a close family pal has branded him as “no gentleman”, and claimed that his wife Martha was “crushed” by his infidelity.

They say that she was left “shattered” by the revelation and that he had shown a “lack of concern” for her and their kids.

She has also reportedly been suffering from long Covid, after she contracted the virus from her now estranged husband.

A source told the Telegraph: “Martha has been crushed by this, and Matt is only interested in his career and his mistress. He is a despicable individual.

“He has shown no concern for Martha or the children.

“He has been uncaring to Martha even though she backed him throughout his career and introduced him to the people that made his career.

“She has always defended him throughout.

“Matt Hancock is a horrible individual. He is definitely not a gentleman. 

“He keeps trying to suggest that all is fine when everyone has been left shattered by this.

“He has been horrible to Martha and has not at any point apologised to her or the rest of the family for what he has done.”

Martha was reportedly unaware of the affair until the night before his affair became public, when Hancock told her that their 15-year marriage was over.


This week Hancock was spotted with his former aide on a romantic Swiss Alps getaway in the Villars-ru-Ollon resort.

It is believed to be the couple’s first romantic trip since their secret affair was exposed.

Mr Hancock is considering how to present his relationship with Coladangelo, and they are also considering making a public appearance for pictures together.

It comes just months after Mr Hancock resigned when his affair with the advisor was exposed by The Sun.

He was forced to quit the Cabinet in June after The Sun published CCTV images shot in May of him sharing a passionate kiss with Gina Coladangelo amid public outrage over the breach of social distancing rules.

Mr Hancock, 42, moved out of his family home while Ms Coladangelo, who also has three children, split from her husband Oliver Tress.

Last month the former Health Secretary has pictured packing boxes, suitcases, and bags into his car outside his family home.

Witnesses said his wife Martha was handing him the belongings during the visit to their home.


The couple have reportedly been planning how to appear in public together[/caption]

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Hancock was spotted on holiday with his estranged wife and three children[/caption]

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