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Self-confessed sex addict claims going celibate for 18 months made him a millionaire

A self-confessed sex addict claims sacrificing bonking for 18 months helped him become a millionaire.

Somesh Kay, who admits he used to have sex up to five times a day, decided to embrace an 18-month period of celibacy in order to knuckle down and focus on his work goals.

And it appears his self-imposed ban paid off, as he claims to have raked in an eye-watering $1.3 million (£1 million) from stock trading online.

The 24-year-old said he started his first business aged 11 discreetly flogging condoms to older school students who were scared shopkeepers would tell their parents.

After a lucrative four years, and being dubbed ‘The Condom Kid’, he branched out into the world of e-commerce, and began ‘living like a king’ while banking £313,000.

Mr Kay’s dad noticed his young son’s shrewd business acumen and advised him to move from India to Australia to capitalise on it, so Mr Kay moved to Melbourne, Victoria, in 2018.

Now running Kay Capitals, Mr Kay is happily married and says he went into 2020 just ‘a regular dude’, and finished the year a millionaire.

Mr Kay, from Melbourne, Australia, said: “Having the 18 months not focusing on women and sex was vital in helping me become a millionaire. I went into 2020 just a regular dude and I finished 2020 at about $1.3million.

“I took the break from sex to focus on my business after reading ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. The last chapter is about channelling your sexual energy. In that book he mentions something about ‘if you’re addicted to sex you’ll never be able to grow and do something with your life’.

“It read like he was talking to me. I was coming from India, I was the king of India, I could just pick and choose at this stage of life. In India I was having sex five times a day. I was addicted to sex, I had too much energy, I needed to make that sacrifice.

“The book was written about 100 years ago so I thought ‘it’s worked for the last 100 years for all these people, it has to work’. At this stage I had nothing to lose, I was in a new country, I didn’t have much money and I didn’t speak English.

“After reading that it was like ‘from this point onward that’s it, nobody else’. I just locked myself up in my room every day after I finished work and just hustled for eight hours every day and studied.”

Mr Kay embraced business even as a schoolboy from near Punjab in India, finding an unusual gap in the market a discreet condom delivery service.

He said: “I was always into entrepreneurship, I was 11 years old when I started my first business. I went to a Christian school in India. One lunchtime I realised all the kids in year 11 and 12 wanted to go and buy condoms but they couldn’t because it was very orthodox.

“I come from a very little town. Usually shopkeepers would know whose son or daughter it was so news would get to the home. I would miss school and go to another city an hour away by bus, buy boxes of condoms and sell them for a 1,000% margin. I used to deliver them inside a book. My nickname was The Condom Kid in school.”

Mr Kay followed his early prophylactic profits with another scheme, launching a successful online clothing and accessories company that raked in nearly £800 a day by the time he was 17.

Mr Kay spent all his savings to fund a visa to become an international student in Australia. Initially wishing to study law and become a criminal lawyer, he changed career paths to become a fully-qualified chef so he could stay in Australia.

However his move wasn’t straightforward and he slept on the streets for the first three months until he was able to find and afford accommodation.

He added: “A guy stopped to talk to me one day, he introduced me to someone renting a room, paid for the first month and helped me find a job in a fruit and vegetable market, while I intended to study to become a chef.”

Mr Kay who imposed his own sex ban in November 2018, ended his period of celibacy in May 2020 after meeting his now wife Holly Kay who he married in December 2021.

Now focusing solely on his day trading work, He wants others to know they can achieve their dreams.

He concluded: “My advice would be, everyone wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die. That phrase changed the way I looked at stuff. Everyone wants money, to live in a good house, but no-one wants to put in the work.

“If you want to go to heaven you have to be willing to die for it. Also, don’t have sex so you can focus on work.”


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