Home News Security restrains a third intruder this week at Drake’s Toronto mansion

Security restrains a third intruder this week at Drake’s Toronto mansion

Drake’s mansion in Toronto has seen it’s third trespasser this week, after another person was reportedly restrained by security on Saturday.

Video footage obtained by TMZ shows what appears to be a security guard kneeling over the suspect, as he holds his hands behind his back.

An eyewitness told the outlet that they were riding their bike past the rapper’s house when two of Drake’s security guards wrestled a man to the ground.

One of the security guards reportedly held the person down while the other made a call on the radio. The suspect did not put up much resistance when he was restrained, the source added.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed whether or not Drake has been staying at the home, he posted to his Instagram story on Saturday implying that he’s had trouble sleeping there, due to the constant news coverage around the property.

“@cp24breakingnews can we discuss the chopper flight times over the house cause I won’t lie I’m trying to sleep. Anytime after 3pm works great for me,” he wrote, tagging a local Toronto news channel.

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Drake's third trespasser this week; security detains another intruder in Toronto

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The recent incident comes just two days after the last trespasser, who got into an altercation with Drake’s security and was later taken to the hospital on Thursday afternoon.

Violent incidents at the residence have been stacking up amid the rapper’s back-and-forth beef with Kendrick Lamar.

Since Lamar used an aerial photo of Drake’s home as the cover art for his latest diss track a week ago, there have been three trespassing incidents at the home and one reported drive-by shooting that injured one of Drake’s security guards.

Reports of gunfire at the Toronto residence prompted cops to rush to the scene around 2 a.m Tuesday. The wounded security guard was reportedly transported to a local hospital, where he was said to be in serious condition.

The following day, a man tried to break into the mansion and was detained by security personnel at the scene. He was later taken in by Toronto police and held under Canada’s Mental Health Act, The Canadian Press reported.

So far, police have not said whether any of the encounters have been linked to the ongoing feud with Lamar.


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