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Secrets of Pompeii unearthed as archaeologists find clue to ancient city’s past

In December, archaeologists discovered an ancient prison bakery buried in the Pompeii Archeological Park.

According to the park, slaves and donkeys were locked together and used to run a mill to grind grain for making bread.

The site itself consists of a narrow room with small, high windows protected by bars allowing only a small amount of light to pass.

According to the experts there were also indentations in the floor “to coordinate the movement of the animals, forced to walk around for hours, blindfolded”.

The find was made in the Regio IX section of the tourist site, which sees Brits as well as people from around the world visit every year.

In their statement about the find, the park said: “Excavations have uncovered a house in the process of renovation. As is often the case, the house is divided into a residential area, decorated with exquisite Fourth Style frescoes, and a productive quarter, in this case a bakery.

“In one of the rooms of the bakery, three victims were discovered in recent months, confirming that, despite the ongoing renovation, the property was far from uninhabited.”

Pompeii Archaeological Park director Gabriel Zuchtriegel said in an interview posted on the park’s YouTube channel.

He said: “What has emerged is testimony of the backbreaking work to which men, women, and animals were subjected in the ancient mill-bakeries.”

Around 2.5 million people visit Pompeii each year, and plenty of visitors have left raved reviews on Tripadvisor.

Speaking of their time at the archaeological park, one reviewer said: “Wow. Even though it rained on us the whole time, what an experience. There is so much to see. We spent a little over 2 hrs in the ruins and still didn’t see it all. Expect to spend a minimum of 2 to 3 hours in Pompeii.

“We took a day trip from rome and it was easy to get to. The regional train from naples was packed, so be ready. Cost is €3 each way. Get off the Pompeii villa al misteri stop, and it takes about 25 minutes.”

Another glowed: “What an amazing place! A must! Walking through history nothing less… we stayed 5 hours walking through this lost city, under the rain but it didn’t matter.”


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