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Scotty Kilmer identiies £9 solution to help all classic car owners identify a major issue

Top mechanic Scotty Kilmer has warned classic car owners can identify serious problems with their petrol and diesel vehicles using a £9 solution. 

The leading mechanic revealed the importance of UV leak dye as he worked through an issue with a classic 1994 Nissan Sentra.

Scotty was called to the owner’s house after a leak had developed which could seemingly not be fixed.

The mechanic explained that the owner had already changed the oil with the issue briefly stopping for just a few weeks.

However, just three weeks later the leak came back with no one sure how to solve the issue with the 30-year-old model.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Scotty said: “We’re going to find out exactly where it’s leaking from. For that, we’ve got leak-detecting dye and we pour it into the engine oil,

“This is a one-shot usage so you pour the whole thing in. So after you pour the whole thing you start it and drive around the block for 10 to 15 minutes. 

“I use UV leak dye because it’s the easiest, simplest, easiest thing to do. If you’re trying to go by sight alone first you’d have to clean everything off, the engine transmission, everything whistle clean and then see what parts getting greasy right. 

“I don’t have to do any of that. You put the leak dye in and it glows when you put a UV light on. 

“As soon as I shine my UV light on it, it will show you where the leak is coming from. You don’t have to clean anything up. 

“Now we’ve done that, let’s jack it up and look underneath.” 

Scotty got underneath the car and quickly shone his UV light across the underbelly looking for traces of UV light. 

Seconds later, he noticed a thick sprawl of UV light coming from the top of the engine which helped him to identify the issue within seconds. 


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