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Scottish Independence 'absolute disaster' for Scotland as SNP shamed for 'misuse' of power


Speaking on Scotland’s Debate Night on Wednesday evening, Jeremy Balfour, Conservative and Unionist MSP for the Lothian region, said the possibility of a second independence referendum in Scotland would be an “absolute disaster”. He insisted the Scottish Government should use the powers it has to fix major issues that persist within Scotland. He took aim at the Government’s poor handling of disability benefits, the economy and education.

Mr Balfour who is also Conservative Spokesperson for Social Security and Disability said: “This would be an absolute disaster to have any kind of vote in the next couple of years.

“The next parliament whoever is there, whoever forms the Government needs to rebuild our economy.

“It needs to look up what is happening in education which is failing.”

The Scot added: “A lot of what we’ve heard actually the powers of the Scottish parliament: education, health service – we have responsibility for that.”

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Mr Balfour vented his frustration at the slow progress of the social security committee in Scotland and highlighted not enough is being done by the government to tackle the issue of disability and social security.

He said: “We’ve had powers to take over disability benefits and we haven’t done it in five years.

“The governments not done it in five years.

“Before we move anywhere, let’s take the powers we’ve got, lets use them to the best of our ability.”

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On Tuesday, the SNP applied to get a second independence referendum on the ballot paper at the upcoming Scottish Parliament election.

According to the Scottish newspaper The Herald, the SNP asked permission for two phrases to appear on the ballot.

They are: “Vote SNP for indyref2” and “Both votes SNP for indyref2”.

The next Scottish Parliament election is scheduled to be held on 6 May 2021.


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