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Scorpio traits: Star sign ‘very in tune with their emotions’ – positive attributes


Scorpio is the eighth sign in the zodiac, with it belonging to the Water element. The star sign is said to have several positive attributes, including having a positive impact on those they meet.

It also symbolises the aggressive intensity of a Scorpio’s rage and their self-protective nature.

Horoscope.com went on: “Once people get beyond the shell, they find a loyal, loving person whose passion knows no bounds.

“Scorpio dives into all life has to offer with 110 percent enthusiasm.

“A Scorpio will be your most loyal friend, most dedicated employee – and your worst enemy, if they want to be.”

Those under the Cancer star sign are also said to be in tune with their emotions, causing the two to have an almost “psychic connection”.

The website said: “For them, there are no words needed to describe their feelings for each other – which may be a good thing since verbal communication is not always the most comfortable for two water signs.”

When a Taurus and Scorpio meet, grounded Earth sign Taurus may initially seem “too staid” for Scorpio.

Horoscope.com said: “Due to both valuing their privacy, many of their friends and family might not learn about the relationship for years – if at all.

“They love in secret, but they love deeply.

“As fixed signs, they are dependable and stable. But watch out, jealousy, obsession and stubbornness could blow out this flame.”

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