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Scorned woman takes revenge on cheating fella by covering his home and possessions in glitter


A SCORNED woman took revenge after catching her boyfriend messaging other women — by dumping him and pouring glitter into everything he owned.

Jade Butters, 23, shelled out £15 for 82 tubes of the coloured sparkles which she sprinkled around his home and in his possessions hoping the millions of tiny pieces would “haunt him for years”.

The furious woman fills up her cheating boyfriend’s shoes with glitter
The angry nurse put glitter in the man’s bed, shoes and in all the pockets of his clothes

The furious nursery nurse put some in his bed, his shoes, socks and in all the pockets of his clothes after calling round when he was out.

A money jar received a dollop as did a bottle of washing-up liquid, the washing machine detergent drawer and even a tube of his toothpaste.

To complete his humiliation, Jade, from Durham, uploaded a 39-second clip of her glitter spree online.

Some women who watched it said they would copy Jade’s idea if their partner cheated.

Jade decided to act after she found messages and photos from other girls on her boyfriend’s Apple Watch as she played games on it last month.

She said: “A couple of weeks before Christmas, I was on his Apple Watch and some messages popped up.

“I saw he’d been messaging other girls and sending photos. 

“I said. ‘I’m calling it quits and leaving’. I wasn’t putting up with it.

“I still had a key so we agreed that I’d go and collect my stuff while he was at work. 

“I used it as my opportunity to spread the glitter around. I put some in the top of his toothpaste so when he goes to brush his teeth it all falls out, in the washing machine drawer and in all his pockets.

“I put some more in his bedding so it’ll fall out when he strips the bed. It’ll be haunting him for years.”

She went on: “I know how glitter can get really annoying and I just thought it’d be a really good idea to spread it around his house.

“I felt so proud. I can’t stop smiling when I think about it.

“I didn’t want to do anything that would be criminal damage or that would hurt someone’s feelings, after all our first couple of years were really nice and it was a good relationship. It was just a harmless prank.”

Her ex will certainly have sparkling teeth after Jade’s visit
The man’s lubricant even got the glitter treatment

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