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Savings warning as these five cities' workers struggle to put money away most in UK

Millions are living a hand to mouth existence with no money left – once all the bills have been paid – at the end of the month.

A new study has found that as many as one in five households in at least one city find themselves in this situation.

A survey has identified those areas with the highest proportion of households where incomes are stretched to breaking point.

They are led by Brighton at 21 percent, ahead of Plymouth on 17 percent, Belfast and Glasgow, which are both on 12 percent, and Birmingham on 11 percent.

The study was commissioned by financial wellbeing organisation RiseUp, who said the daily struggle to cover the cost of essentials has serious consequences.

Some 58 percent of Brightonians say that financial stress is affecting their mental health, while 43 percent report problems with eating.

At the same time, 32 percent say money troubles are harming their relationships, with 25 percent reporting an impact on their health and fitness, and 22 percent saying it has fractured friendships.

Many in the city are entirely reliant on their credit cards with 38 percent saying their monthly pay cheque is immediately swallowed up by paying off their card debt.

Looking at the causes of the financial stress, 51 percent blamed the cost of groceries, 42 percent listed high utility bills with 26 percent worried that any increases in income are outstripped by rising prices.

The co-founder of RiseUp, Yuval Samet, said: “No matter where you live in the UK, everyone has experienced the impact of rising bills and inflation.
“These findings confirm, however, that there are big regional divisions in Britain when it comes to saving money each month. Whilst each city across the UK has been impacted differently by the cost of living crisis, the one factor that links each city is the desire to transform our relationship with money and curb the payday anxieties which impact our lives.

“This starts with a clear and concise overview of your finances. Seeing your cash flow and what your bank balance will look like at the end of the month can empower you to plan for the future.”


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