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SAS armed with new rifle capable of blasting helicopters out of sky


The Hungarian-made rifle has a range of one-and-a-quarter miles and features a barrel that retracts like an artillery gun back into the body of the gun, absorbing the recoil. The Gepard GM6 Lynx was compared to a howitzer.

A Special Forces member said: “The GM6 is fantastic.

“It’s like going into battle carrying an artillery piece.

“The troops call it the Howitzer.

“It is an absolutely massive punch.”

They added: “The rounds it fires can stop a truck bomb in its tracks.

“A team equipped with one of these could take out half a dozen very expensive fighters or helicopters very quickly.

“Although it is powerful, the £9,000 rifle is easy to carry and ideal for parachuting into the battlefield.”

According to the MailOnline, the rifle can fire .50-calibre Raufoss Mk2 bullets in under three seconds.

READ MORE: Royal Navy’s new £1.25bn ‘Swiss Army knife’ military ships

Named after the World War 2 submarine which made history by torpedoing a U-boat while both were submerged, the £1.25billion vessels are designed to change roles to catch the enemy off guard.

Equipment such as underwater mine-hunting drones, air defence missiles, and disaster relief stores will be transported by the ships in specially built containers.

After each mission, the kit can be swapped out, meaning adversaries will never be sure exactly what each Type 31 is capable of.

They will be built at Rosyth dockyard in Scotland.

Speaking after the first batch of steel was cut on Thursday, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said: “Equipped with the innovative technologies at the forefront of the Royal Navy’s future vision, the entire Type 31 fleet will be fitted with a range of capabilities allowing it to undertake a variety of operations at sea.”

Dubbed Persistent Operational Deployment Systems (pods), the Navy says modular containers will make warships “plug and play” in the future.

They say it will be the “Swiss Army knife of the future” due to its “flexible and modular design”.

According to plans, the pods will be compatible with each other to allow the ship’s capabilities to quickly be changed.

But they will not be an integral part of the ship – it can still carry out missions without being customised.

The frigates will undertake a variety of roles on operations, including interception and disruption of illegal activity at sea, intelligence gathering and providing humanitarian support.

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