Home U.K Sainsbury's starts using pronoun badges for staff to 'avoid misgendering'

Sainsbury's starts using pronoun badges for staff to 'avoid misgendering'


The supermarket giant says the call will help employees at the Murrayfield branch in Edinburgh avoid being misgendered.

The tags, Edinburgh Live reports, will read the preferred gender pronouns, such as she/her or they/them.  

Managers will wear the badges, which Sainsbury’s say will show solidarity to the LGBTQ+ community.

A Sainsbury’s representative told Edinburgh Live the store will “provide pronoun badges for any of our colleagues who would like to wear them.”

But shoppers have expressed their fury and displeasure at the move, with some stating online they will never use the supermarket again.

“How absolutely ridiculous stop pandering to this nonsense you’re either a man a woman boy or girl,” wrote one woman.

“I’m no longer shopping there,” posted another Facebook user.

“Sick and tired of this sickness,” said one man.

“The world has gone seriously mad,” posted another.

But, with other supermarkets taking similar decisions recently, others online praised the call.

Some Asda branches will, for instance, use pronoun badges for staff. These will be rainbow coloured, to again support the LGBTQ+ community.

Writing online, one person said: “I was brought up to be polite. Politeness is about respecting other people and in this case how they would like to be addressed.”

Another posted: “Misgendering can be so upsetting for some so it’s great to see this initiative. It’s really important that we support those in the LGBTQ+ community and this is a great way for allies to show their support.”


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