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Sainsbury’s shoppers gobsmacked at the price of Pringles – ‘Used to cost a pound!'


An image of a note moaning about the price of Pringles at Sainsburys has gone viral. The photo was posted on Reddit with a caption: “The proper british response to pringles being raised to £3 in Sainsburys.” The note read: “£3 quid. You’re having a bleeding laugh ain’t yer!” The hilarious message received dozens of likes and comments. 

One Reddit user wrote: “If you’re fool enough to buy pringles for 3 quid then you deserve to pay that price.

Another responded: “I remember when these cost a pound….

A third commented: “It’s been many years since I’ve bought pringles unless they are 50% off.”

A fourth replied: “Am I a rare one who refuses to buy treats unless they’re on offer – they’re not essential!” 

Another said: “Most expensive I’ve ever seen them was in a spar and it was £3.60, I nearly died there and then.”

Pringles can be purchased in Sainsbury’s stores and online. 

The delicious snack is often half the price during regular promotions. 

Pringles Sizzl’N Kickin’ crisps are currently half price costing £1.50 and available in three flavours Sour Cream, Spicy BBQ and Cheese and Chilli. 

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Another added: “Pringles must be one of those things that no one ever buys on full price, just like those fancy Naked or Innocent juice drinks outside of meal deals.” 

You can find your nearest Sainsbury’s store here.


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