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Sainsbury’s scraps double Nectar points ‘Disappointing’


Sainsbury’s recently announced they were launching a new way for customers to save money on their grocery shopping; the Nectar app. While this is a good move for those shopping at the supermarket all year round, it has now been revealed the company’s popular loyalty scheme which sees Nectar points doubled in autumn, just in time to spend at Christmas, has been axed. 

Naomi Wallis, co-founder of Skint Dad blog said: “It’s disappointing to hear that Double Up has been cancelled, replacing it instead with the My Nectar Points offer.

“Many shoppers save their points through the year to use towards Christmas, and will now miss out.”

A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s said: “Fewer customers have been using Double Up over the last few years and so it’s only benefitted a small minority of our customers.

“We know some people will be disappointed to see it go, but we hope more customers will be able to take advantage of our new My Nectar Prices offer.

“This gives customers access to lower prices and personalised offers year-round.”

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The news is now circulating Twitter and there are many disgruntled shoppers. 

Joe Mcdowall said: “So @sainsburys is scraping double up this year after closing my local store we were shopping online because of nectar points. Will be going else where now.” 

Krilencu commented: “A hearty f**k you to @sainsburys and @nectar this morning, for cancelling the annual Double Up scheme, which many households shop loyally for all year, and rely on for Christmas shopping, with minimal warning.” 

Jay tweeted Sainsbury’s official Twitter account directly, asking: “@sainsburys Hi, just read you’re scraping the Double Up and replacing with My Nectar Points. However, also read that this is only available with your SmartShop? This true? Don’t use that so how do I benefit? Thanks.” 

Sainsbury’s replied to Jay: “Hi Jay, thanks for getting in touch. I’m afraid you can only take advantage of the offers if you use SmartShop in store. Sorry for any inconvenience. Louise.” 

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