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Sadiq Khan LIVE: Mayor of London poised for showdown over hated cycle lane chaos


The Mayor of London will answer questions on the strategy and identify the key challenges facing Transport for London (TFL) in this Mayoralty, including the capital’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. At the heart of the plans is the aim to encourage up to 80 percent of all trips in the capital to be made on foot, by cycle of public transport by 2041.

The first of these policies, the Walking action plan, is aimed at making London the world’s most walkable city, with a target to increase the number of walking trips by more than one million a day by 2024.

A report published by Assembly Member Zack Polanski found, in just one week, 242,574 journeys were taken on bikes in the central cycle hire zones.

Zack’s report suggest that revaluating cycling potential in London will carry forward the ‘climate positive behaviours’ seen in the past year.

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Currently, the cycle hire scheme makes up as much as 20 per cent of the cycling traffic on key routes.

But not everyone is a fan, with many feeling that cyclists have a disregard for the cycle lanes and ignore them completely.

One woman took to Twitter saying: “In London this week and they were flying around us in all directions. On paths, in cycle lanes, on roads- it was hard to know what’s what and where they should be. Very little protection for pedestrians.”

Another Twitter user seethed: “I spent a large portion of time stuck behind a cyclist NEXT TO a cycle lane driving in London last week. They’re there, all unused and feeble-looking!”

While a London cyclist argued motorists were at fault, tweeting: “I am a Cyclist and use the local cycle lanes.

“Cars use them to park half there car on the pavement half on the cycle lane. Even though they have driveways. Bigger issue with that. But the Law don’t seem to be that bothered.”



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