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Sadiq Khan fury: Mayor blasted for 'not helpful' claims 'women are not safe in London'


The Mayor of London has been criticised after he said that the Capital’s streets are “not safe for women or girls”. The first female officer in the Flying Squad, Jackie Malton, has branded his comments as “not helpful”. She noted that Sadiq Khan should have said women feel unsafe.

Asked whether she thinks the comment was a criticism of the police, Ms Malton told LBC: “I sit as a member of the public, I was in the police for a long, long time.

“I just feel that whatever the police do, they do have an impossible task and I don’t think it’s particularly helpful that the Mayor of London would say such a thing.

“We can also mirror it back and say you’re more likely to be murdered if you’re a young black man.”

She added: “It is their perception, it’s real to them and some women today have spoken about incidents.

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“What the Mayor should have said it is about is those perceptions of women in London, not to say to be in London as a woman is unsafe.”

Mr Khan had told LBC that the streets are not safe for women or girls.

He added: “It’s important people of my gender understand that if you’re a woman or a girl, your experiences of our city in any public space is very different to if you’re a man or a boy and it’s really important that people like me, in positions of power and influence, understand that and take steps to address them.”

It comes as the Met Police are investigating the disappearance of Sarah Everard.

“All women and girls should be able to feel safe on the streets of London at all times and I know how shocked and worried Londoners are by Sarah’s disappearance and the developments in this case.

“I want to assure Sarah’s family, and everyone in our city, that the police are doing absolutely everything they can to find her.

“I know how concerned the public will be at the news that a serving police officer has been arrested and it is right that the case has been referred to the police watchdog for independent investigation.”

Mr Khan repeated calls for anyone with information about the case to come forward.


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