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Ruth Langsford strips off dressing gown and jiggles hips as she reaches million followers


This Morning and Loose Women star Ruth Langsford, 61, began her video telling her fans she wasn’t going to make a “song and dance” about the milestone, before she went on to unveil a table full of decorations as she celebrated the news. The mother-of-one was swiftly inundated with many comments from her loyal fan base.

She began: “Hello eveyone, I’m just at home in my dressing gown having a little moment actually… having a little think because I’ve reached a million followers on Instagram.”

Seeming surprised, Ruth went on to say she was “absolutely stunned” by the discovery.

“It’s so amazing,” she added. “I know a lot of people make a great big song and dance about these things, but I didn’t want to do that.

“I just wanted to, very quietly, say thank you to my followers and any new followers, it’s really really lovely.”

“A million,” she repeated.

Ruth turned to her right and laughed: “Who am I kidding?” as Kool & The Gang’s Celebration song could be heard.

The presenter then got up from her seat and stripped off her dressing gown as she walked over to the decorative corner in her room.

The This Morning star stood next to giant silver balloons which read ‘1 M’ amongst others.

She then put her glass of champagne up to the camera as she jiggled her hips in excitement.

“Thank you all,” she added as she continued to dance.

More to follow…


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