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Russian foreign minister gives bizarre response to hearing about Labour election victory

The Russian foreign minister gave a bizarre response to hearing Labour had won the election in Britain by comparing the news to saying about a “pudding”.

Sergey Lavrov is Vladimir Putin’s increasingly outspoken representative on the global stage, often vociferously defending Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine against the West.

But in an odd exchange with the BBC’s Russia Editor Steve Rosenberg, the 74-year-old seemed to give a cryptic reply when told Sir Keir Starmer had swept to power in the UK.

Mr Lavrov responded to Mr Rosenberg’s question if he thought anything would change with the relations between Russia and the UK after the Labour landslide.

Mr Lavrov replied: “Diplomacy is not an art of guessing.”

Mr Rosenberg asked if it was not an art of guessing, then “what is it?”, to which Mr Lavrov countered by saying: “You know the saying about the pudding?

“You understand that this is a pudding when you eat it.”

Sir Keir Starmer was quick to reaffirm UK support for Ukraine in the war against Kremlin forces, posting on his X account last night:”Ukraine’s ongoing fight against Russian aggression matters to all of us. The UK’s support remains unshakable. I look forward to seeing President Zelenskyy soon.”

Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy had previously congratulated Sir Keir on his election success, sharing a message on his social media after speaking to the new Prime Minister.

He wrote: “I was pleased to speak with Sir Keir Starmer on the day of his appointment as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

“I congratulated Sir Keir Starmer on his election victory and wished him success in fulfilling the British people’s expectations of the new government. I am grateful to Prime Minister Starmer for reaffirming the UK’s principled and unwavering support for Ukraine.

“We coordinated positions ahead of the NATO Summit in Washington and other international events, as well as discussed ways to strengthen our partnership, including the preparation of an unprecedented 100-year partnership agreement between Ukraine and the UK.”


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