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Russian cruise missile pounds Ukraine airport as full-scale invasion takes hold – VIDEO


Chilling footage shows the moment the cruise missile slams into what is reported to be a building near Ivano-Frankivsk Airport as Russia began its country-wide invasion of Ukraine in the early hours of Thursday morning.

In the footage, the missile can be clearly seen flying down from the sky as it lets off a hellish shriek before impact.

Upon slamming into the building, the missile sparks an enormous explosion, sending a fireball up into the air.

People can then be seen running for cover as the person filming can be heard expressing their sheer horror.

The chilling images come as a full-scale invasion by Russia from land, sea and air rocked Ukraine on Thursday morning after weeks of threats from Vladimir Putin.

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Triggering a full-scale land, air and sea invasion, the Russian President gave the orders for the dawn onslaught as he emabarked on his mission of “de-militarisation” and de-Nazification” of Ukraine, both totally false claims. 

Heavy bombardments rained down on Kiev and the country’s second-largest city of Kharkiv, alongside other locations.

Following the aerial bombardments, troops poured in from the north, east, and south as the scale of the attack was realised.

But Ukrainian troops fought back and said they had inflicted heavy casualties on the Russians. 

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Latest reports suggest heavy fighting broke out at Antonov Airport, a mere 15-miles from the capital of Kiev, after Russian helicopters fired scores of rockets on Ukrainian soldiers before Russian forces moved in and briefly took control, before being pushed back again by Ukrainian forces, according to The Financial Times.

While experts have warned Russia is quickly gaining control of the skies, a concerning development which will impact the effectiveness of Ukrainian troops on the ground. 

Russia claim to have destroyed 74 Ukrainian military targets and have also broken through into the Kiev region from the north, they are now expected to surround the capital in days as concerns rise over Putin’s next move.

Western leaders are now scrambling to respond with sanctions, ruling out military action because Ukraine is not a member of NATO.

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Boris Johnson has announced the “most severe” economic sanctions Russia has ever seen, targeting banks and oligarchs.

These sanctions will see all major Russian banks face a full UK asset freeze, while the Prime Minister has promised legislation next week to stop large Russian companies raising finance or debt on UK markets.

There will also be limits on the amount Russians can deposit in UK banks, with asset freezes extended to around 100 more people and the Russian owned airline Aeroflot will be banned from the UK.

The invasion has also triggered a backlash in Russia, prompting around 2,000 people to gather in Moscow’s Pushkin Square, just 1km from the Kremlin and symbolic Red Square, to protest against the move.

Similar scenes erupted in St Petersburg where up to a 1,000 protesters gathered to express their anger at President Putin.

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