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Russian army in crisis as over 10,000 desert in major collapse of morale

Russia’s army is facing another wave of desertion, as morale among its frontline troops plummets to new lows.

Despite its overwhelming advantages in manpower and weapons, Putin’s commanders are once again struggling to make any major progress.

After initial gains in Kharkiv province in early May, Russia’s army now finds itself bogged down in heavy fighting for the city of Vovchansk in Ukraine’s northeast.

In the Donbas, Russian commanders are also struggling to make any major breakthroughs after finally capturing Avdiivka in February.

Putin’s troops are currently tied down in fierce battles for control of the strategically important city of Chasiv Yar.

All the while, Ukraine’s military continues to inflict crippling losses on their enemies.

The UK’s Ministry of Defence estimates that Russia lost 1,200 soldiers per day during fighting in May.

Overall British defence officials believe Putin’s army has suffered a staggering 450,000 casualties in just over two years of war.

This compares to the 15,000 the Soviet Union lost during ten years of conflict in Afghanistan.

New evidence now appears to show that Russian soldiers have begun to desert again in large numbers, as they desperately try to save themselves from the merciless meat grinder.

An information flyer produced by Russian officials and distributed to the army highlights court cases brought against soldiers from the 1195 motorised rifle regiment.

A total of 115 soldiers failed to return from army leave and have been sentenced to jail time or are facing upcoming court cases.

Twenty-seven have already been sent down, 78 are awaiting trial, while 10 are still being investigated.

The soldiers are being charged according to article 337 of the Russian criminal code for the “unauthorised abandonment of a unit” and could face up to 10 years in prison.

Earlier in May, Ukraine’s Intelligence agency claimed that over 18,000 soldiers of the Southern Military District had absconded.

Roughly 12,000 of them were serving in the 8th Combined Arms Army – a unit often deployed to eastern Ukraine.


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