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Russia making missiles that can 'beat US defences' in huge nuclear weapons warning

Russia is continuing to develop long-range atomic missiles capable of carrying atomic weapons that are “meant to penetrate or bypass US missile defenses”, US intel has warned.

The risk-assessment report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) warns Russia maintains “the largest and most diverse nuclear weapons stockpile” and perceives its atomic weapons as essential for deterrence and strategic goals, particularly in a potential conflict with the United States and NATO.

These warnings have only intensified concerns over the possibility of Russia employing nuclear weapons, particularly against Ukraine or neighboring NATO member states.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has chillingly warned that increased involvement by Ukraine’s allies could lead to a nuclear conflict.

The report noted Russia’s strategic considerations, noting its “inability to achieve quick and decisive battlefield wins” and concerns about potential nuclear weapon use in response to Ukrainian strikes within Russia.

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Russia is also developing long-range missiles capable of penetrating or evading U.S. missile defenses, further complicating the security landscape.

The report reads: “Russia is expanding and modernizing its large and diverse set of nonstrategic systems, which are capable of delivering nuclear or conventional warheads, because Moscow believes such systems offer options to deter adversaries and control the escalation of potential hostilities, and counter US. and Allied conventional forces.”

As the conflict in Ukraine persists, Russia’s military has endured significant losses in both personnel and equipment. UK intelligence estimates suggest over 335,000 Russian troops have been lost since the conflict began in February 2022.

These losses, according to the DNI report, may necessitate a “multi-year recovery” during which Russia could increasingly rely on nuclear and counterspace capabilities for strategic deterrence.

“Regardless, Russia’s air and naval forces will continue to provide Moscow with some global power projection capabilities,” U.S. officials said.

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Questions also linger about Russia’s collaboration with China in establishing a nuclear power station on the moon within the next decade. Reports of Russia’s acquisition of an anti-satellite weapon powered by nuclear energy have raised concerns, although US officials have downplayed fears of its impact on Earth.

The risk assessment also coincides with reports concerning joint Russian and Chinese plans to establish a nuclear power station on the moon within the next decade. While fears have been raised about the development of anti-satellite weapons powered by nuclear energy, U.S. officials have downplayed concerns regarding their potential impact on Earth. Russia has denied reports regarding such a weapon.

A US State Department official told Newsweek on Monday that Washington “is aware of PRC [People’s Republic of China] and Russian plans for an International Lunar Research Station,” adding that Moscow and Beijing have shared “decades of space cooperation.”

According to the DNI’s report, China and Russia aim to bolster “strategic stability” with the U.S. by enhancing their weapons capabilities, including unconventional systems designed to bypass or neutralize U.S. missile defenses.


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