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Russia launches 'attack' on NATO soil as Vladimir Putin threatens nuclear war

A NATO member has said Russia is likely to have been behind an attack on a political activist that was carried out on its soil yesterday.

Leonid Volkov – a close associate of the late Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalny – was attacked with a hammer outside his house in Vilnius, Lithuania – on Tuesday evening.

On Wednesday, Lithuania’s State Security Department said the attack was “likely” to have been a “Russian-organised and implemented operation”.

It comes as Vladimir Putin warned the West that Russia is ready for nuclear war. The Russian President also pledged to station more troops close to his country’s border with Finland.

Now, Finland’s fellow Baltic country Lithuania has accused the Kremlin of being behind a brutal hammer attack on Leonid Volkov, reports its public broadcaster, Lithuanian Radio and Television (LRT).

Volkov suffered minor bodily harm and received outpatient treatment after the attack.

Lithuania’s state security department (VSD) said today: “It is likely that the attack on Leonid Volkov in Vilnius on March 12, 2024, is a Russian-organised and implemented operation aimed at stopping the implementation of the Russian opposition’s projects in connection with the forthcoming undemocratic Russian presidential elections.”

Lithuania’s Interior Minister, Agnė Bilotaitė, has played down the attack. She told journalists the threat level in Lithuania has not increased despite the attack on Volkov.

“As far as the threat level in our country is concerned, it certainly has not increased as a result of this particular event,” she said. “I want to assure you that our people can feel safe.”

“Of course, such provocations, have been seen lately and have become our daily routine. And especially […] we can see that they may increase, probably in connection with the pseudo-elections in Russia.”

The hammer attack is being investigated by the Criminal Police, with a large number of officers involved, said Police Commissioner General Rentas Požėla.

Speaking at a press conference, he told reporters: “I would like to say that immediately after the incident, the Criminal Police Bureau took over this investigation. It is really a huge effort, both in terms of analytical capacity and physical capacity.”

Lithuamia’s attack claims come just weeks after another NATO country in the Baltic region accused Russia of orchestrating violence on its soil. Back in February, Estonia’s Prime Minister claimed that the country thwarted a “hybrid operation” Russian operatives.

And, earlier today, Vladimir Putin vowed to step up Russia’s military presence in the region. Chillingly, he warned the West that Russia is ready for nuclear war if Moscow is threatened.


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