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Rule of six or two households: New rules explained in full- Britons baffled by rule of six


Today saw the latest relaxation of the lockdown rules, with many taking advantage of the glorious weather to see friends and family outside after months. The stay home ruling has been changed to stay local, meaning Britons can now leave home for non-essential reasons.

Another change to the rules saw the return of the rule of six, with Britons finally able to meet up with friends or family outside or in private gardens.

Parks, beaches and gardens have been busy today in the sunshine with people taking full advantage of the rule changes and beautiful weather.

However, the changing rules have caused confusion for some, with concerns over social distancing, the rules around children and households.

People have been taking to Twitter to express their confusion over the latest rule changes.

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For example, if a mother and her child wanted to organise a meetup, they could only do so with four other people from different households.

If there are only two different households meeting, any number of people can gather under the new rules.

This means a family of five could meet with another household of five and it would still be viable under the rules.

If you are in a support bubble, those in the bubble count as one household.

You should maintain social distancing at all times, and remember to wash hands before and after you meet up.

Don’t hug or kiss anyone you don’t live with, and try not to shout or sing as this can increase the spread of air droplets which spread coronavirus.

Socialising can only take place outdoors, with Britons not permitted to stay overnight away from home or spend time indoors together.

Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock said: “Every day we get closer to beating this virus.

“We have already vaccinated over half of the adult population – and we have new vaccines coming on stream – but we must remain vigilant.

“I know the last few months have been challenging, and many people are excited to be able see friends and family outdoors for the first time in months.

“As we see from rising cases in Europe, this virus still poses a very real threat.

“We have come so far thanks to the vaccine rollout and that progress must be protected.

“So let’s take this next step safely, when you meet others do so outdoors and keep a safe distance.”

When can people meet indoors?

The lockdown roadmap continuing as planned is dependent on coronavirus data in the coming weeks and months, with cases, hospitalisations and vaccine rates all under close scrutiny.

No sooner than May 17, the government will ease restrictions on socialising once more, with most legal restrictions on meeting others outdoors lifted.

This means up to 30 people can meet outdoors, but the rule of six or two household rule will apply for indoor visits.

There should also be some updates for social distancing between friends and family – including hugging – by May 17.

Then, not before June 21, the Government aims to remove all legal limits on social contact.


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