Home News Rudy Giuliani is all smiles in Arizona mugshot

Rudy Giuliani is all smiles in Arizona mugshot

Rudy Giuliani smiled for his mugshot in Arizona, where the former mayor faces nine felony counts in connection to his alleged attempts to overturn the 2020 election on behalf of his former client, Donald Trump.

Giuliani paid $10,000 cash bail and was set free Monday, according to Associated Press. The 80-year-old politician is one of 18 Trump surrogates accused of participating in a fake electors scam in Maricopa County.

Giuliani’s mugshot stands it stark contrast to that of his former boss, who struck a stoic pose for his mugshot in Georgia, which was quickly plastered onto mugs and tee-shirts to raise campaign money.

A Giuliani spokesman said charges against New York City’s former two-term mayor were politically motivated and expects the defendant to be “fully vindicated.”

Giuliani pleaded not guilty in May. He continued insisting the 2020 election was rigged on social media Monday night, despite dozens of court rulings to the contrary.

Prosecutors in Georgia, Michigan and Nevada are also pursuing criminal charges against Republican operatives accused of plotting to submit fraudulent electoral votes to keep Trump in office after he lost the 2020 election to President Joe Biden, who he faces again in November’s election. Polling indicates the 2024 election will be close.

Giuliani was served a notice of indictment during a celebration of his 80th birthday last month after taunting Arizona authorities who were trying to catch up with him.

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