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Royal maternity guru says Kate Middleton is 'sensitive' & Meghan Markle 'very modern' mum


Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are often pitted against each other, compared, and contrasted, but the two women are more similar than one might first think. They are both mothers who have the incredibly difficult task of raising their children in the public eye. The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William are parents to Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, whereas the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry are parents to Archie and Lilibet Diana.

Although Tiffany cannot disclose who she has offered her parenting expertise to in the past, The Mummy Concierge said she has “worked with members of the royals family worldwide”.

Therefore, she knows a thing or two about how royals go about raising their children.

She stressed that no matter who you are, “motherhood is undoubtedly scary”.

Tiffany said: “I think people can have the perception that because you are in the public eye, or have a lot of money, that you will be able to get as much help as possible when your newborn arrives.

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“Being as organised as you can before your little one arrives – such as having all the baby kit sorted, and your maternity nurse booked – can really help relieve any anxiety once your baby is born.”

One product Tiffany recommended buying as part of the “baby kit” is a breast-feeding pump.

She said: “I think the Elvie Pump is genius.

“You literally just pop it into your bra and then get on with your life.

“She has a lovely balance of sensitivity and gentle boundaries.

“I’d describe Kate as a lighthouse mother because she guides her children but lets them head out on their own too so that they can learn to be independent.”

Speaking about Meghan, Tiffany added: “Meghan is a very modern mother.

“I would say she is a lawnmower mother, meaning she will be hands on and make sure she removes any obstacles from her children’s way.

“She will make sure her children grow up surrounded by healthy living, exercise and an understanding of mental health.”

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