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Royal Mail scam warning – new fake text message to look out for


Royal Mail has announced there is a new scam Britons should be looking out for. Scams are often difficult to spot as they seem legitimate and similar to the real messages that customers receive from a specific company.

It said: “Royal Mail will only send email and SMS notifications to customers where the sender has requested this when using our trackable products that offer this service.

“The only time we would ask customers to make a payment in an email or SMS is if a customs fee is due.”

Royal Mail added: “In this case, we will also leave a grey card telling them there’s a fee to pay, either for the international customs fee or a surcharge for an underpaid item, before we can release the item. This may arrive later than the email or SMS.”

A spokesperson for the Royal Mail said: “Royal Mail Group works hard to prevent and detect fraud.”

Lead Officer of the CTSI, Katherine Hart, said: “This delivery scam is yet another example of fraudsters attempting to make money out of the unsuspecting public. Due to the lockdowns, many millions of people rely on product deliveries, so scammers have focused their efforts on this theme.

“Royal Mail will only ever contact you via text or email if a customs fee is due, not for domestic parcel delivery. If you have any suspicions, contact Royal Mail to verify before you click any links or share details,” she added.

“Also, the public must also be aware that these types of scams may come in many forms, and scammers do not only use Royal Mail branding.”

People who think that they have received a scam should report it to Action Fraud or, if it is an email scam, should contact the National Cyber Security Centre by emailing reportsphishing.gov.uk.


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