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Royal Family news – Prince Harry ‘blew Charles out the water’ with shock release of furious Meghan Markle statement


PRINCE Harry blew Royal protocol out of the way when he released a fiery statement defending then-girlfriend Meghan in 2016.

He released a statement about press intrusion and harassment directed towards the former actress just days after their relationship was revealed.

BUT it blew a seven-day trip to the Middle East by his father Prince Charles “completely out the water”.

Speaking to the BBC’s documentary on royal reporting, royals journalist Robert Jobson was with the prince at the time and had promised him the front page of the Sunday Express on his work.

He said: “When you’re on a trip, say with the Prince of Wales in the Middle East, and all of your negotiations for a week to get the chat with the Prince of Wales, to say ‘We guarantee you the splash’, all goes out the window because Harry releases this big statement about the press and about their treatment of Meghan was outrageous.

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