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Row erupts after people slam huge queues for Primark and TK Maxx in city centres


One person wrote: “There is little face mask wearing. People are allowed in without facemasks. And the Queues are not social distanced. And the shops themselves are too crowded and no social distancing or mask rules are being followed. So yes this will effect us all as Covid infection rates rise and we are locked down again. All because people are desperate to be first through the door, on the first day.”

Another added: “Do these shoppers not work? Most people are too busy working their butts off to earn a crust. Even if I had the time and money I’m proud to say you wouldn’t catch me doing this.”

One person commented: “It doesn’t matter what you are queueing for, just do it in a socially distant manner because the consequences do affect us all!”

Nevertheless, social media users took to Twitter to defend Primark and TK Maxx shoppers, Manchester Evening News reports.

They’ve argued many families in the UK are experiencing the harsh realities of povery at the moment and are looking for alternatives at which to shop.

One Twitter user posted: “If you’re sneering at people queuing for cheap clothes, you should be thankful that you just don’t get it. Living in poverty is crushingly hard, take your ‘hot takes’ about Primark and TK Maxx and ‘finding local, sustainable alternatives’ and and p*** off.”

Another wrote: “If someone wants to queue for TK Maxx or Primark today then just let them. It’s not affecting you, is it? It’s not something I’d personally do but there’s no need to shame other people for doing it. Maybe they just need to go to a shop to feel some sense of normality again.”

Somebody else said: “Before you criticise people for queuing outside Primark, consider: 1) We’re heading into summer. Kids grow. It’s a fair bet that last year’s summer clothes don’t fit this year’s child. 2) some people don’t have any means of shopping online.”

Another posted: “Suspect all these people being snooty about the queues for TK Maxx this morning have never been in a TK Maxx. Best shop on the high street, fight me.”

It is now well within the laws and lockdown rules to queue for any shop or attraction which is open in England. Theme parks and zoos reopened today and queues were seen for Thorpe Park, which is in Chertsey, Surrey.

Public buildings, such as libraries and community centres, have also opened their doors for the first time in months today.


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