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Roses will ‘carry more flowers’ and for longer if you follow Monty Don's one daily task

Roses are prized possessions for many gardeners, given the glorious display they put on when in bloom.

For one of this month’s gardening jobs, gardening guru Monty Don noted that there is a task to do daily for this plant to “carry more flowers”. 

Taking to his blog where he provides monthly instalments, the expert said that it’s “ impossible to celebrate June without speaking of roses”.

He explained to his readers that he is increasingly planting English roses that are repeat flowering so the season extends beyond the glory days of June.

Monty then went on to share his “secret” for growing the best roses that bloom for longer.

He said: “The secret of keeping any rose flowering as long as possible is to deadhead daily.”

Deadheading is basically the removal of finished blooms in order to encourage further blooms and improve the appearance and shape of the rose. 

When it comes to roses, perhaps the most iconic flower and one of the very loveliest of garden plants, regular deadheading is important to keep the sumptuous blooms looking fresh and attractive all through the flowering season.

Removing spent flowers can also help prevent the development of diseases and pest problems that often affect decaying petals and hips.

However, he urged gardeners to not just pull off the spent petals but to use secateurs and cut the spent stem right back to the next leaf or bud below it – however far down that is. 

Monty claimed that this would “provoke a side-shoot which in turn will carry more flowers”. 

Gardeners should deadhead repeat-flowering shrub roses and once-flowering shrub roses which don’t produce hips.

Monty added that gardeners should keep deadheading even into the month of July.

He said: “It is very important to keep deadheading roses in July as the petals fade to encourage repeat flowering, but some roses will have now finished all that they are going to do this year.”


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