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Roseanne Barr causes stir with E. Jean Carroll sex abuse parody

MAGA comedian Roseanne Barr is being labeled a “horrible person” because of a video she posted to X mocking author E. Jean Carroll’s sex abuse claim against Donald Trump. However, some fans of the 71-year-old comic found the 42-second clip funny.

The video shows Barr inside an apparent Bergdorf Goodman department store, which is where Carroll claimed — and a jury agreed — she was sexually abused by Trump nearly 30 years ago. It begins with the former “Roseanne” star looking weak and being asked if she’s OK.

“No, I’m not OK because I just had a horrible flashback, a horrible memory,” she said. “Right now I realize that 26 years ago, Joe Biden raped me right here in that dressing room in the shoe department where I went in to change my shoes.”

When asked again if she’s OK, Barr replied “No, I’m not, I need to sue.”

A New York jury awarded Carroll $83.3 million in January after agreeing Trump defamed his alleged victim by claiming he didn’t sexually abuse her in a department store fitting room around 1996. Trump denied the charge and is appealing the judgment against him.

Replies to Barr’s video ran the gamut from disgust to delight.

“You are a horrible person for this vileness,” one critic posted on X. “Sexual assault is not a comedy skit.”

That was a widely expressed sentiment from Barr critics, who accused her of celebrating rape. Barr doubled-down on her skit by suggesting Carroll and the court that ruled in her favor were acting dishonestly.

“I would never insult a sexual assault victim,” Barr posted. “I was talking about E. Jean Carroll.”

Many Barr supporters responded to the video with laughing emojis and praised her insulting parody. Others encouraged her to sue President Biden — who has never been charged with any such offense.

“Roseanne Barr is a horrible, vile, and disgusting person,” wrote former NBC executive and social media influencer Mike Sington.

One apparent Barr fan wrote online that this is where she draws the line.

“I’ve always been a fan of @therealroseanne, but this is UNACCEPTABLE,” X user Brenda Murph wrote. “No one should ever joke around about sexual assault. Period.”

Another X user wondered “who says or thinks of something like this?” and suggested Barr should rethink her drug and alcohol intake.

Barr’s eponymous ABC sitcom was canceled in 2018 following racist comments she made online, which she later blamed on sleeping pills. She has also confessed to becoming confrontational after a few drinks.

Carroll could not immediately be reached for comment.


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