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Robert Peston horrified as he's accused of 'anti-vax agenda' in tweets 'Irresponsible!'


He was forced to lash out at Twitter users who rounded on him accusing him of handing “ammunition to the anti-vaxxers”. To this Mr Peston responded that he was “sad” that many Twitter users believed he was promoting anti-vax sentiments. Today Mr Peston said recent coronavirus data revealed, “the overwhelming majority” of infections in the 40 to 79 age range are from those who have been double vaxxed.

The journalist was referring to data from the Government’s COVID-19 Vaccine Surveillance Report.

Mr Peston went on to state on Twitter that he “was surprised by what looks like high prevalence among the double vaxxed”.

He continued: “But I am surprised these statistics have received so little attention and have occasioned so little debate.”

Now Mr Peston is facing a severe backlash and accusations he has been “irresponsible” and is promoting the anti-vaxx agenda.

One Twitter user wrote: “How it came across to me was that you posted that there was a high prevalence of Covid among double-vaxxed older people.

“That’s deeply irresponsible, and from figures I’ve seen is untrue.

“You’ve handed ammunition to the anti-vaxxers.”

Another said: “You must know full well how your tweet would be read, the data misconstrued by those looking to confirm their bias, and the poorly-communicated information misused by those pushing an anti-vax agenda.

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“I am wholeheartedly in favour of vaccination.

“But Covid, even for the vaccinated, is not a trivial illness.

“And it is also not trivial if the vaccinated population spreads Covid to the unvaccinated or the immuno suppressed.

“So what I hoped to do was show that even for a vaccinated population, mask-wearing and social distancing are important.

“I am very very sorry if that implication was not clear enough.

“I have just recovered from Covid.

“So please accept this is my passionately held conviction.”

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