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Rishi Sunak slammed by Tory MP for not helping Brits amid ‘maelstrom’ of rising costs


The average household is paying an extra £693 in energy bills this year following the Ofgem price cap increase by 54 percent on April 1. The former Tory leader noted this is “just one extra cost amid a maelstrom” of rising day to day costs for households across the UK.

He added that despite this, the Chancellor has increased National Insurance Contributions (NICs) “hitting both workers and employers at the worst possible time”.

He continued: “The shifting of the overall tax burden onto workers (who pay NICs) and away from those who gain their money through unearned sources of income seems fundamentally unjust.

“If money needs to be raised, NICs are one of the least fair ways to do it.”

The Tory MP also criticised the small rise in Universal Credit, saying it does “very little for those who rely entirely on benefits – the poorest in our society.

“Universal Credit will rise by just 3.1 percent, meaning a real term cut in living standards for those who are least able to bear the burden of rising living costs.”

He tweeted: “At a time of rising costs/stagnating wages the Government should cut tax burden on earners, not raise it.

“The Chancellor should consider the impact of the rising cost of living, especially for the poorest in society and put more of their own money back into their pockets.”

Speaking on LBC Radio last month, Mr Smith warned the Government against making “the mistake” of trying to tackle immediate economic problems while ignoring longer-term issues.

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He also warned of the return of the level of stagnation that was seen in the 1970s which caused long periods of high levels of unemployment and soaring household bills.

New analysis from poverty charity The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) shows “the greatest fall in the value of the basic rate of unemployment benefit since 1972”.

The JRF added: “The 3.1 percent increase that [came] into effect on Monday is based on inflation as of last September, whereas inflation is expected to hit 7.7 percent this month.

“This means households in receipt of benefits will experience a real-terms cut to their incomes which are already at historically low levels” and “will pull 600,000 people into poverty”.

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Boris Johnson defended the Chancellor during a PMQs session where he told Labour leader Keir Starmer: “What we have is a Chancellor who took the tough decisions to look after the UK economy throughout the pandemic, who protected people up and down the land with £408 billion worth of support.”

The Chancellor’s approval ratings have plummeted since his Spring Statement and fell even further with the recent scandal surrounding his financial affairs.

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