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Rich Holiday Poor Holiday slammed after 'poor' family sent 'rich' to 'luxurious' Tenerife


Rich Holiday Poor Holiday sees fortunate families swap holidays with poorer ones to see how they differ to what they’re used to. In the latest episode which aired on Channel 5 tonight, viewers took to Twitter to share how annoyed they were with what they were watching.

The show showed two wealthy friends from London, who are used to glamorous holidays, swap with a single mother who can’t afford to take her adult children abroad.

Julia and Katya are well used to holidays all over the world including places like Mauritius and Hawaii, to mention a few.

They swapped holidays with Annie and her three children from East Lothian who are unable to afford to go abroad together.

The two wealthy friends jetted off to Tenerife for two nights in a resort hostel, followed by a working break at the islands’ horse rescue centre.

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Another said: “@channel5_tv have you cut back on the budget for rich holiday poor holiday this series? Always pair of friends and volunteering holidays which I don’t think the poorer families would normally do.”

A viewer suggested that this episode was filmed during the pandemic and that there may have been travel restrictions in place at the time.

One other Twitter user was left confused over the fact that the friends were sent to Tenerife when the poorer family can’t afford to go there.

One person said: “The poor family usually go on caravan holidays but they sent the rich family to Tenerife for two nights, am I missing something?”

Julia and Katya were shown that their stay in Tenerife came to a grand total of £422.

They shared how shocked they were over how much fun they had for such little money.

Meanwhile, Annie and her three children who headed to Turkey were shocked by the cost of theirs.

Even though they weren’t in the typical glamorous holiday location like Mauritius, their stay still came to a grand total of £11,788.

The family spoke of their shock and shared how even though their holiday was luxurious, they could have still had the same amount of fun elsewhere.

Previous episodes of Rich Holiday Poor Holiday saw a ‘poor’ family given an adventure holiday where they stayed in a tree house.

The ‘rich’ couple were well used to Dubai and Mexico for summer holidays but despite this, sent the poorer family to Germany where they stayed for one week.


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